Scientific/Technological Services

Nutrition and health. Dietary advice.

  • Advice on diet-related diseases Supply:
    • Advising the general healthy population
    • Advice aimed at disease prevention
    • Advising oriented specific diseases
  • Nutritional advice about new foods, functional foods and fortified
  • Studies of interactions between food and drugs
  • Studies estimate intake of different bioactive compounds
  • Studies of the effects of diet on disease prevention:
    • Studies in different types of food and diet
    • Nutritional intervention studies
    • Studies in different age groups, gender, etc. population
    • Impact studies on various biomarkers and biomarkers of effect on consumer health
    • Studies in different tissues and fluids (blood, urine, breast milk, etc.)
    • Bioavailability Studies
  • Preparation of food composition tables
  • Studies on cooking techniques applied in nutrition and dietetics