Publications from LERU

Posted on: 19/07/2017

INSA-UB has the pleasure to spread the word about the last two publication from the European League of Research Universities (LERU) in which representatives from the University of Barcelona have collaborated. In the current issue, the last guidance document published by LERU under the title of “Beyond the Horizon: LERU’s views on the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation”, is the contribution of the universities involved in this association aimed at identifying aspects and needs to which the financial support of the coming program framework in research and innovation should be addressed.

Besides, the article of positioning on Productive interactions: societal impact of academic Research in the knowledge society” deepens on the collaboration between experts from different academic expertise and between entities working on different fields in order to thrive valuable knowledge with benefits for the society.

We also remind you that every publication from LERU could be find - open access - on its website.