INPhINIT PhD scholarships: the opportunity you were waiting for to join us

Posted on: 17/11/2022

The opportunity you are looking for to join our institute is here. INSA is offering 10 pre-doctoral positions of the INPhINIT call of La Caixa for international students.

The "la Caixa" Foundation announces 35 scholarships for young researchers of all nationalities, to carry out their PhD in the best Spanish and Portuguese research centers and units with distinction of excellence. This modality focuses exclusively on STEM disciplines: life and health sciences, experimental sciences, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Below are the 10 positions offered:

  1. Combating holoparasitic seeds banks in agricultural ecosystems / PhD in ecological agrobiotechnology
  2. Food fraud detection by untargeted lipidomics and chemometrics
  3. Machine learning methods for metabotyping and personalized nutrition
  4. Prevention in prediabetic patients of infection’s morbidity following a high fiber and vegetal protein diet
  5. Regeneration of soils to improve sensorial and nutritional characteristics of fruits and vegetables
  6. Revealing the mechanisms by which exposure to some bioactive products influences the microbiota and host behavior affecting mental health
  7. Scientific advances on the etiology, diagnostic parameters and dietetic management of food histamine intolerance
  8. Study of O-glycosylation systems in mesophilic Aeromonas /Predoctoral research
  9. Tackling glycosylated protein biomarkers to improve the understanding of gastrointestinal cancers, diet, and microbiota
  10. Understanding dissemination of emerging enteric viruses beyond the intestinal tract using human organoids

More information about the INPhINIT doctoral fellowships call for applications 2023 at:
Closing date: January 25, 2023, at 2 p.m. Spanish time (Spain)
Call requirements: