Research area: Valorization of Food by-products

Research area: Valorization of Food by-products

Research Lines

Detection and identification of peptide substances that add value to functional foods.
- Contact: José Barbosa
- Email:
- Research Group: Bioanalysis (+INFO)
- Market Sector: (Olive Oil) (Consumers) (Food Supplements) (Public Administration) (Breast Milk) (Beer) (Wine)

Upcycling of wine waste products.
- Contact: Susana Buxaderas and Elvira López-Tamames
- Email:
- Research Group: Wines, Aromas and Quality Factors (+INFO)
- Market Sector: (Wine)

Use of fats and fatty by-products in animal feeds: influence on the quality of foods of animal origin.
- Contact: Francesc Guardiola
- Email:
- Research Group: LIBIFOOD-Lipids and bioactive compounds in the food chain (+INFO)
- Market Sector: (Feed) (Eggs and Egg Products) (Other Fats and Oils) (Meat and Meat Products)

Valorization of food industry by-products.
- Contact: Carme González
- Email:
- Research Group: Food Technology Unit - Colloidal Systems’ Engineering (+INFO)
- Market Sector: