Research area: Development of Analytical Chemical Techniques

Research area: Development of Analytical Chemical Techniques

Research Lines

Analysis of bioactive components in foods and biological samples.
- Contact: Rosa M Lamuela
- Email:
- Research Group: Natural Antioxidants: Polyphenols (+INFO)
- Market Sector: (Other Fats and Oils) (Olive Oil) (Other Fruits and Vegetables) (Tomato) (Citrus Fruits) (Beer) (Wine) (Cocoa)

Detection and identification of peptide substances that add value to functional foods.
- Contact: José Barbosa
- Email:
- Research Group: Bioanalysis (+INFO)
- Market Sector: (Olive Oil) (Consumers) (Food Supplements) (Public Administration) (Breast Milk) (Beer) (Wine)

Histamine intolerance: Metabolomic and genomic biomarkers, clinical studies, microbioma and probiotics with DAO activity.
- Contact: M. Carmen Vidal
- Email:
- Research Group: Bioactive Amines and Polyamines in Foods (+INFO)
- Market Sector: (Consumers) (Food Supplements)

Metabolomics and biomarkers of risk, disease and exposure to active substances, foods and/or nutrition programmes. Development of biomarkers of effect and ingestion. Clinical biochemistry and molecular biology of obesity and diabetes. Study of metabolic profiles.
- Contact: Cristina Andrés
- Email:
- Research Group:
- Market Sector:

Validation of targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis by NMR and LC-MS / MS in biological samples. Bioinformatic tools for biological interpretation and visualization.
- Contact: Cristina Andrés-Lacueva
- Email:
- Research Group: Biomarkers and Nutritional and Food Metabolomics (+INFO)
- Market Sector: (Food Supplements) (Breast Milk) (Beer) (Wine) (Cocoa)