Posted on: 02/02/2019

The lecturer Rosa Maria Lamuela Raventós, from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Science of the UB, has been awarded the Danone Institute Prize to the Scientific Career Dr. Carles Martí Henneberg 2018, an award to honor the contribution to the field of food, nutrition and health in Spain.


Posted on: 22/01/2019

El total recaptat en la primera Panera Solidària organitzada des de l'INSA, ha superat totes les expectatives ja que, en menys d’un mes, s’han recaptat 4.710€. Aquests diners han estat destinats íntegrament a La Marató de TV3. L’INSA-UB agraeix enormement la participació de tots els investigadors de l’Institut i del personal d’administració que ha venut un nombre elevadíssim de butlletes.


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Posted on: 27/02/2018 INSA-UB opens the Call for the Promotion of Internal Research (FRI 2017). This call aims at stimulating the collaboratove research between young researchers belonging to different research groups in the Institute. These projects are organized to promote original and innovative research proposals. ...

Posted on: 15/09/2017 In 2017, INSA-UB awarded 40 travel grants to stimulate and facilitate international mobility of its members, as well as to disseminate the research activities of the groups of the Institute. The awards were distributed among 15 research groups, and 58% of them were awarded to predoctoral researchers and members with non permanent positions. ...

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The Institute of Research in Food Nutrition and Safety of the University of Barcelona (INSA-UB) was stablished on 2005 in an attempt to address and to cope with needs and wishes of the today's society in the field of research, formation and provision of services to food industry and related sectors.

Its researchers are experts in different fields of nutrition, analysis and control, food safety and the social and economic impact of feed and food.

INSA-UB is located at Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus and benefits from promotions and disclosures from its membres, mainly ascribed at Faculty of Farmacy and Food Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Geography and History.

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